Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club is based in Redondo Beach, California. We have as many as 5-6 men's teams and 5-6 women's teams in a given season, and have varying levels of experience in each team from beginners (novice) to world class athletes who have competed in the Olympics. That is over 150 paddlers each season.

People who have never paddled before are encouraged to come out. There is even a whole division of people who have never paddled before called NOVICE paddlers. The races are shorter, and much instruction is given. So it's OK to get involved at any time - you get to join a whole bunch of people in the same boat - so to speak. Lanakila welcomes all potential paddlers and paddlers from clubs around the world (including visiting paddlers) to join us for practice. Our practices begin in March, for new paddlers, for both men and women. The practice and race schedule is posted on the calendar Page. Schedules are subject to change, so always check back for updates.

Typically, Novice practices will be held on Sunday mornings in March and April then the Novice will be merged in to practice with the veterans after that. Practices are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings for Women and Tuesday/Thursday for Men. The practices begin at 5:30 p.m. and continue until dark. Weekend practices are scheduled at various times so be sure to always check back or with the coaches.